Friday, November 03, 2017

Fall marches on

There are still a lot of leaves on the trees around us, but not for long. November is when most of them fall, and it's only a matter of time before some strong winds and/or rain rip them off the trees. They'll fall by themselves, of course, but usually a storm comes along.

This is the end of the dirt road through the vineyards behind our house, the farthest point on my walks with the dog.

We're thinking about Thanksgiving already. The meal, that is. For the last few years, we've been getting our traditional leg of lamb tied up in a boneless roast. I think that this year I'd like to go back to the bone-in leg for a change. That's the extent of the planning so far. Except for a pumpkin pie with some of our frozen roasted squash from last year. As for today, it's pizza!


  1. Alas, it has been a rather dull fall in our 'hood. But I can't complain about the warm temps.

  2. oooh, your pizzas always look so good!

  3. Looking a bit fall-like here, too. As fall-like as it gets. I wish we'd get a really good soaking.

  4. It's spring here of course, and we had a couple of warmish days, but it's back to feeling like winter with a 0.8 c temp this morning.

  5. stuart, I've noticed a little dullness compared to previous years as well.

    judy, it was good, but I didn't take any photos. Too hungry! lol

    mitch, we need rain, too, but I don't want too much at any one time.

    sue, oh, that's chilly!


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