Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Woops Wednesday

Here's another view of the bridge over the Cher at Saint-Aignan. The bridge is actually two bridges, one that crosses the river's south channel and another that crosses the north channel. The island is between the two, of course. This is the northern portion of the bridge on the island side at sunrise on 5 November. The just-past-full moon is setting to the west.

There's a WW2 monument on the bridge. Those three little doors against the abutment are public restrooms.

I completely spaced on Tasha Tuesday this week. I don't have any new photos of the dog since I haven't taken the camera out much recently. The drizzly and cold weather is my excuse. And while the drizzle has ended for a while, it's still cold out there. Having Tasha on a leash while wearing gloves and trying to manipulate the camera is not easy. But I'm working on it.

On the house front, we think our electrical problem is not a problem after all. It may have just been a coincidence when our main breaker tripped twice while a certain light switch was turned on. It's happened before: brief outages or surges from the main grid can sometimes trip our sensitive breaker. I had the suspected light switch turned on for a while on Tuesday with no problems.


  1. Good news about the electricity. Beautiful photo, scene, and bridge; ugly little toilet attachment. Poor Tasha, so soon taken for granted.

  2. Isn't the memorial on the bridge to American WW1 soldiers who died in the influenza outbreak? Or am I getting you mixed up with somewhere else?

  3. Well perhaps you have found the solution to our electrical mystery. We have experienced the same random breaker tripping ever since we moved here. We keep coming up with theories on what's causing it, but none of these hold up over time. I hadn't heard about power surges so maybe that's it.

  4. mitch, the most abused dog in the world...

    susan, there is a monument to Americans on the bridge, but now I'm not sure which war it was for. There is also a plaque noting that the Demarcation Line was along the river during WW2.

    stuart, could be...


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