Sunday, March 25, 2018

Where's Bert?

According this sign, he's 14 kilometers to our east. But I knew for a fact that he was at home, more than 200 kilometers to our west. So, obviously, this Bert was not our Bert. Still, I got a kick out of the sign and had to take a photo of it.

Bert has a refuge, a restaurant, a picnic area, and a camping ground. Who knew?

We were up on a small mountain at a lookout point. The sign is for a hiking trail pointing the way to nearby towns. One of them is named Bert.


  1. You just THOUGHT he was home. When the cat's away... Oh, wait...

  2. Ou est le Bert? Ah, le voila!

  3. mitch, hehe.

    raybeard, he's a sneaky devil.

    judy, :)

    john, ;)

    michael, he's on the rue Sésame.


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