Sunday, November 25, 2007

Again With The Frost?

Here's another shot of our recent frosty mornings. I know there will be more. Heck, it's not even winter yet.

The remains of an apple tree with the vineyard behind, as seen from my bedroom window. Yup, that's mistletoe growing in the tree.

We're having fires in the wood stove pretty much every evening now. Heat's on in the morning. Soon we'll have the heat on all day long, then off in the evening while the fire's going.

It's this time of year when I realize how far north we are compared to what we were used to in Northern California. The sun doesn't rise until after 8am, and sets around 5pm. There will be even more darkness as we approach the solstice.

But then, the days start getting longer again. Slowly.

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  1. Gorgeous! We ARE getting into winter, aren't we?


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