Monday, November 19, 2007

More Frosty Fotos

Like I said yesterday, we had a very frosty Sunday morning. After it got a little brighter, I went out into the yard and took a few more pictures. Of course, the whole time I was out there, a certain dog (who shall remain nameless) was jumping all over me, knocking into my subjects, causing everything to move. I love dogs.

A rosebud frozen in time. It probably won't open now.

A black-eye Susan.

The prunus tree sets buds in the fall for next spring, as do a lot of plants in the yard.

A cosmos flower.

An ice-tinged leaf.

Frozen apple, anyone?

So this morning, Monday, the low temperature is around 5ºC (around 40ºF). A veritable heat wave. Everything is back to shades of brown and deep green and, as it rained overnight, there are puddles everywhere.


  1. I agree with Ken. Did you notice that the ice-tinged leaf looks like Callie with a lot of imagination!

  2. Fantastic pics and brrrr is right!

  3. Walt, have I been calling you Ken in my comments???? Well I am blonde after all!!! Sorry if I have, too much confusion going on...

    The first photo, the ROSE is stunning, I have been absolutely stopped in my tracks by it's beauty... do you mind if I use it as a screen saver? It has made me want to travel and spend christmas in Europe... Vida x x x

  4. brouillard givrant is so poetic...and your pictures are poems without words.


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