Friday, November 02, 2007

Puppy Pic Of The Week

Callie and I have been trying to be outdoors lately. But the weather has not cooperated. When we get a good morning or afternoon, we go outside. I try to get some chores done and Callie tries to get some playing done.

Callie has just dropped an apple on the ground. I threw it across the yard, and she dutifully chased it, picked it up, and brought it back. Good dog!

She usually wins. And if I'm lucky, she poses for a picture.

But she also likes to run through the freshly tilled garden plots getting her feet dirty or muddy. As I told Ken recently, that means she ends up getting a "spa treatment." A warm shower and a towel dry in the utility room.

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  1. Cute Callie! Does she enjoy the spa treatment? Some dogs hate them!


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