Friday, November 09, 2007

Puppy Pic Of The Week

Callie is learning to be patient in the kitchen. Slowly learning, that is. Sometimes she will actually sit on the floor and watch what's going on.

Callie sits patiently on the kitchen floor hoping for a tasty morsel.

I know she's hoping that something good will come her way. Sometimes she gets a little something in her dish. Other times things "fall" to the floor and she gets 'em. Either way, patience and good behavior pay off.

It's better than begging and jumping up with forepaws on the counter.


  1. it's only because the kitchen floor matches her coat. thank god! a girl has to be aware of her jewel-like setting, yannow?

  2. reb, thanks, we think so, too!

    juice, (you don't mind if I call ya juice, do you?) She asked about our colors before she agreed to come home with us.

  3. a true daughter of the house, i suspect.

  4. She is really cute, and you have to teach her this French saying (I think it's out of a Fable by La Fontaine)

    "Patience et longueur de temps, font plus que force ni que rage"


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