Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Kitchen Collection [47]

We all have a toaster in our kitchens, no? When we moved to France, Ken and I bought un grille-pain, or French toaster. It's only got one slot, and it's large enough to accommodate nearly half a baguette.

This is the control panel of our Tokiwa toaster.

The brand name? Well, we don't stand on ceremony. You figure it out. And how many toasters do you know that have a defrost setting? Heh, heh. By the way, why is there a setting lower than defrost?

When we lived in San Francisco, we didn't own a toaster, per se. We had a toaster oven, in which all the toasting functions resided. But we don't have a toaster oven any more, so we have a toaster. And we use it often!


  1. Is the lower setting for warming up the chocolatines?

  2. It looks like a wonderfully performing toaster! Had never heard of Tokiwa before!

  3. Here's a toast to you and your kitchen collection! Clink!

  4. beav, sounds like a good idea.

    claude, neither have I.

    cheryl, I'll drink to that!


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