Monday, November 05, 2007

It's Certainly Fall

Part of our backyard, with leaves turning color, and the vineyard getting browner.

Fall is my favorite time of the year. Fires in the fireplace, or in our case, the wood stove. Good foods made with pumpkin and apples. Football on tv, even here in France. And, of course, the leaves are changing color and falling into the yard.

Most of the leaves have fallen from the two red maples in our front yard.

That means there's raking to be done. Oh, well. There's always work to do.

The ornamental cherry has gone yellow, tinged with red.

These are a few images of this year's fall season at our place. I hope that wherever you are, you're having a great fall, too.

One of our pumpkins sits on the table out on the deck, with autumn leaves as a backdrop.


  1. Darl, I'm in Australia and it's spring!!! But autumn is my favourite time of the year visually... Vida x x x

  2. beautiful, the pumpkin/leaves pic made my day. it's a good old world. thanks.

  3. Nice photos, Walt! I also love autumn. From my 4th floor office, I can look toward the Saratoga hills and see trees changing color. There are still a lot of evergreens, of course, but there's enough orange, red, and yellow to make me feel the change of seasons.

  4. vida, don't rub it in. As much as I like fall, I know that old man winter is just around the corner. ;)

    purejuice, glad to oblige.

    ginny, it's nice that you can see color in the South Bay. In SF, we felt like it was the same all year round, except for trading the summer fog for the winter rain.

  5. I love autumn too. Such great colours. Even as I look out of my window at the moment.
    Your garden colours are stunning!

  6. It seems like only in the last week here in the Dordogne have the leaves started changing colors. Today we got lost on a dirt road going home from Beaumont, did you get there on your Dordogne trip? Lots of browns and oranges. It was gorgeous. I took some photos on my camera but am too cheap to send them on my phone, I have to figure out a way to transfer them to my computer without emailing them.

    We had pumpkin soup for dinner in honor of Autumn. We had wonderful artichokes too, go figure.

  7. owen, I don't remember Beaumont. But we were very close on either side. Have you been to Monbazillac?


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