Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hang 'Em High

I don't know what they did to deserve it, but these bears were hanged on the island. What a grim sight. Maybe they were caught rustlin' cattle, or pinching leeks. Who knows?

It's like a scene from a Tim Burton movie...

I suspect that they're there as scarecrows, but I bet they only scare people. They scared me. Callie barked at them. But then, Callie barks at flies.

On a lighter note, we also got to see the Château de Saint-Aignan looming above the gardens. I hope it wasn't the lord of the castle that ordered the bears strung up.


  1. I like the view of the chateau that you get on your island walks.

    It's odd to see those hanging stuffed animals, but scarecrows are supposed to scare birds I guess. Most of our scary stuff is gone now and will soon replaced with Santas and lights.

    We went to a movie Friday night and saw Santa arrive in a horse driven carriage of all things. 'Tis early, but 'tis the season here already.

  2. I prefer my grandmother's way to scare critters away. She would go around to the hair stylists once a year and collect some hair from each. Then she would hand that in old panty hose and hang them in the garden.

    Don't know if it worked, but she sworn on it. I never saw a deer in her garden so maybe something is to that..

  3. Lucky you never took those vegies at the gate, you too could have been strung up and then how would I dream of living in France??? Vida x

  4. anonymous, do I know you?

    mpabner, that's an interesting, er, idea...

    vide, you're right about that!

  5. jeez. they really are scary. i'm just about to re-read Celestine, about life in a french village so isolated there was no road to it until like the 19th century -- to find evidence of the french peasants' worship of the spirits of the earth -- forest -- water -- in the way they worked the land. the brit equivalent is Akenfield, where the villagers were found performing propitiatory rituals to the earth gods when they plowed as late as 1950.
    or it could be just, you know, nightmare on elm street.

  6. Walt, I was mistakenly aynonymous- I don't know how that happened.

    purejuice After you read Celestine you might like to read A Life on Her Own- about the early 20th century life in a mountain village

  7. evelyn, thank you for the tip, i appreciate it and have ordered the book.

  8. really spooky! I hate the idea of usea teddy bears like this. I love teddy bears!
    Am catching up with my blog reading. Hope you're not feeling swamped with too many comments ;)


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