Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Kitchen Collection [48]

Have you ever wanted to get olives out of a jar without having to drain the whole jar? Well, this little thing is the answer.

It's an olive spoon. Slotted, of course, and just the right size to get olives out of a jar. I never thought I needed something like this until it was given to us as a gift. Now I know that I can't live without it.

Well, maybe I can, but you know what I mean.


  1. I like how when you buy a jar of cornichons there is usually a plastic device that acts the same way. You pull it up and the brine stays and the cornichons are easily get-able. We bought some the other day that are extremely vinegar-y. I soaked them in water for a minute before serving them yesterday and they were still salty.

    BTW I made a tart aux pruneaux. I soaked the prunes in Armangnac all day, then cooked them in it, made the crust a little too big, put it in a dish, put the pruneaux in, and then folded the edge of the crust over a bit. It looked very rustic. Jean-Jacques said it was very French looking and that I never made tarts that looked like that n the States.

    If I were a real blogger I would taken pictures. It did look nice.

  2. That olive spoon is also great for getting capers or green peppercorns out of a little jar.

  3. I didn't even know this existed! I think I have always used a teaspoon.

  4. owen, that thing in the pickle jar is great. Your tarte sounds delicious.

    ken, yeah, I forgot about that!

    claude, thanks for all the comments on the previous posts. You know you can't get too many comments. ;)

    cc, isn't it, though!


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