Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

Just a quick post on this Thanksgiving day. It's a day like any other here in France, of course. Ken and I will have our traditional T-day dinner of gigot d'agneau (leg of lamb) with flageolets (beans). And I'm preparing to make a pumpkin pie this morning.

The Saint-Aignan municipal pool, over on the island.

There's even football on TV later, but I probably won't watch it. Two college games, then Green Bay v. Detroit at 6:00 and at 10:00pm, Jets v. Cowboys. I'll see football over the weekend.

The church at Saint-Aignan rises above the town's rooftops.

Later, I'll pick up the phone and call some family back on the East coast. Of course, because of the time difference, our day will be winding down while theirs is winding up.

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  1. Belated happy Thanksgiving. I love turkey, but I love gigot as well!


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