Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Word Of The Week


I feel weird writing about this now, because we're not having any. But when I put it on my list, it was last week, and we were in the midst of mist. Or bruine.

La bruine in the vineyard behind our house. This was a few winters ago.

For la bruine is mist. Heavy fog, or mist. Not quite rain, but not quite fog, either. Whatever it is, it's wet. It was a good word to know when we lived in San Francisco, because it was the typical weather condition there.

Here, we get it every now and then. Mostly in the fall and winter. Actually, the weather forecast for tomorrow, Thursday, is couvert, bruines ou pluie (overcast, mist or rain).


  1. I saw plenty of bruine when we lived in Touraine, and I saw plenty when I lived in Olympia. Enough for a lifetime, I think...

  2. Lots of la bruine here today. And now I have a word for it!

  3. Living on Old Hickory Lake here in Middle Tennessee we have a bit of 'bruine' in the mornings as the temperatures start dropping in October and November. Great photo of the bridge in Saint-Aignan!!!!

  4. That is a great picture. I LOVE foggy weather. We get it so rarely here in Tampa. We have about a week of foggy mornings in the fall/winter. I love the muffled sound of a really good thick fog.

    Anyway, just dropping by to say hello, so "Hello!".

  5. We are socked in this very second with bruine. YUCK.

  6. Wow - I didn't know drizzle (as we called it in San Francisco) could elicit such a response !

  7. Today, bruine turned into rain :(
    Not that like bruine better ;)h


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