Friday, November 16, 2007

Puppy Pic Of The Week

Callie enjoys a break in the grass every now and then. When she's not running, digging, barking, chasing, chewing, tugging, or rolling.

So Thursday afternoon we went for our usual evening walk. There's a waxing moon high in the sky. This puppy dog could not stop running up and down the rows of vines chasing the darned moon. At least she got a good workout.

I saw on a French science show just the other day that when you see a crescent moon and draw an imaginary line through the top point to the bottom point, it will either resemble a "p" or a "d."

When it resembles the letter "p," it's précriossant, or waxing, and the points point toward the east. When it resembles the letter "d," it's décroissant, or waning, and the points point toward the west. At least in the northern hemisphere.

Cool, non?

Speaking of cool, Friday morning's low (so far) is -2.8ºC (about 27ºF). Brrrrrrr.


  1. what a nice dog. does she speak french or english?

  2. Sheep dogs have extra work to do on moonlit nights when the wolves come out to stalk the sheep. Callie must be keeping herself fit for her future career. Surely you'll get her a few sheep to herd one day lol.

    Thanks for extra info on crescent moons- I'll have a close look tonight at our waning moon.

  3. Is Callie stalking a fly in that picture?

  4. Once again Blogger ate my comment. I said I wished I could send you some sun to warm you up. Here, in the desert, it's in the 80's. The experts say it is ten degrees warmer than the norm for this time of year. A big hug to Callie.

  5. Callie is definitely coming into her own. We have a herder here at Quail Lodge that is a regular employee to chase the geese and the coots. Her name is Belle. The other dog, Max, is a poodle. Callie would be comfortable here chasing the coots.

  6. juice, Callie doesn't speak either, she's a dog... hahahaha. Actually, she's lost her French and now only responds to 'merican.

    evelyn, I don't know what she'd do if she actually saw a live sheep...

    ken, there are no more flies outdoors. They're all in the house.

    chm, you could put some of that warm air in a box and send it over. When we open the box, we'll have warm desert air, for a fleeting moment.

    gabby, I'm sure she'd love it!

  7. LOL about all the flies now living in the house;-)
    Conn thought France didn't have any flies since the houses have no screens. We finally did see a few on our trip in September, but we 'ricains have more flies than ya'll do over there.

  8. You've got the scientific version that I had never heard about. We French kids learnt about D being for Dernier croissant and P being for Premier croissant !
    Callie is getting cuter and cuter


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