Saturday, November 17, 2007

Côtes De Porc Au Fenouil

Or, if you prefer, pork chops with fennel.

I started by boiling some potatoes in water with some salt, a bay leaf, and a few allspice berries (Ken taught me that). Then, I sprinkled the pork chops with a seasoning mix that our friend Cheryl gave us. It's a hot Texas spice mix, a salty herb and cayenne blend.

I love fennel cooked this way.

Finally, I quartered two fennel bulbs and braised them in chicken stock. When they were just about done, I pan-seared the seasoned pork chops, then ladled some of the fennel/chicken stock into the pan. In went the cooked potatoes to warm up, then I put a lid on it and let it simmer for about ten minutes.

Et voilà! Lunch is served. Needless to say, I made enough to have leftovers for another day.

Saturday morning's low: -3.7ºC (about 25ºF). Another cold morning predicted for Sunday, then much warmer (above freezing) for the next couple of days. That's because a rain system is headed our way and they bring in warm, moist air.


  1. Ken, clearly you needed me there to help you eat all that food, then you would not have to worry about leftovers, I would have bought wine with me and everything!!! Looks delicious, and I will try Walt's trick with the potatoes, yum!! Vida x x x

  2. I love fennel cooked every way, and so does my husband. I used to go out of my way to buy it because it's not that easy to find in "these parts." I'll have to take inspiration from your post.


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