Thursday, November 15, 2007

And A Frosty Morning To You!

Woke up to freezing temperatures this morning. There's some frost out there, and the puddles are frozen over. The upside is that when everything is frozen, Callie's feet don't get as wet during her walk.

The view from our kitchen window at 8:30 this morning. Doesn't look too cold, does it?

It's supposed to be even colder tomorrow morning. I got the pumpkins into the garage, as well as the car, and some stray dahlia bulbs. I should do some more mulching today. I should do a lot of things...

A close up of the frost. There's more frost in the vineyard, but I didn't take the camera out on our walk this morning.


  1. Beautiful photos as always Walt... winter wonderland... Vida x x x

  2. Sure looks like ole Jack Frost to me! Keep him with you for a while, we don't need him here yet.

  3. beautiful, silvery.
    on the garroting of the teddy bears beat, i was reading gillian tindall's Celestine, about a village called Chassignolles, in which she recounts that during an extermination campaign, the bodies of 18 wolves were hung from the ancient Chene Pendu in the bois de Villemort.
    she also reports that in such isolated places christianity is the merest veneer, and god is somebody who helps with the crops and the rain, maybe, if you light a candle and don't make him mad. their thing is the land, growing stuff in it and grazing stuff on it (hence wolf hunt).

  4. On est passé de la bruine au givre !
    Beautiful photo!


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