Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kitchen Collection [50]

It's the 50th edition of Kitchen Collection! Wow. So, let's celebrate with pie. Or, pie servers, that is.

These are our three pie servers, or shovels, as they're called in French. The newest is the one on the bottom. Ken just brought it back from the US. It's from the Martha Stewart collection, of course. Apparently she doesn't use it anymore...

Pie, anyone?


  1. I noticed your Image of the Week is a clementine. It's clementine season here too. They're branded as "Cuties," and the ones at TJs must come from southern California. The ones from our tree will be ready in about a month. It wasn't so long ago that I aimed to visit France in October so I could get clementines, unavailable in California.

  2. chris, clémentines are another reason to look forward to winter here in France. Ours come from North Africa or Spain, and the ones we just got are wonderful.

  3. I am going through clementine mania too! It's the best season for them. Love thme!
    I like your pelles à gâteau, too. I don't mind a piece of pie if you've baked it ;)


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