Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cold Sunday Morning

This is the third day we've had below freezing temperatures in the morning. And today there is a heavy fog out there that has condensed and frozen on everything. I think they call it a brouillard givrant, or freezing fog.

You can see it best in the trees in the background. I'll try to get some more photos a bit later. This is taken from our deck, looking across the street.

It's more pronounced out in the vineyard but it's pretty right around the house. It's still much too dark for taking photos when I'm walking the dog between 7:30 and 8:00. But just a half hour later and there's plenty of light.

Today's a hunt day, so I won't be venturing out there with the camera this morning. I could get shot! But I may go try to take some pix of the vineyard over the back gate. You'll have to wait for another post to see them.

There's a thin layer of ice on the pond out behind the yard. It's unusual for it to be so cold at this time of the year here. The Bread Lady told me that it hasn't been this cold in November in at least ten years. The weather people are saying that temperatures are well below seasonal norms all over the country.

But, it will be warming up. There's a front coming through this evening that may bring us some snow showers as it hits the cold air, but it's a warm front and the forecast is for rain for the next two days, and no freezing temperatures over night.


  1. 8 below here this morning. Gla-gla-gla!

  2. We are having the opposite, summer weather and it's only spring... Vida x

  3. Oh, betty, that's chilly!

    vida, I could be jealous, but I do rather like the fall and winter, until about January when I wish it would get hot. ;)


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