Monday, January 23, 2012

Chocolate mini-muffins

This is a recipe for chocolate cake, made with grated summer squash (grown in the garden, grated, and frozen), that I used to make mini-muffins (or maybe more accurately, mini-cupcakes). The batter went easily into a poche à douille (pastry bag) which I then used to fill the muffin molds.

Chocolate mini-muffins cooling on a rack.

I'll serve them sprinkled with powdered sugar as dessert for tonight's finger-food evening of football watching.


  1. They look lovely and very cute. Is it the chocolate courgette cake recipe?
    I have a mini ice-cream scoop, the sort with a lever mechanism, that is very good for filling mini muffin pans.

  2. My mouth is watering! What time should we be there?!? (And do we HAVE to watch the game?)

  3. I hope you enjoyed your big game day food event :))

    St. Louis Rams didn't win (well, they weren't playing. I guess you knew that :)))

  4. Un peu de coulis aux fraises avec ces muffins au chocolat , please :-) just kidding
    Enjoy the game

    WV: "putt-ais" one word

  5. I love your food pics so much that I just put "marry Walt" on my to-do list.

  6. You are so cruel! All those sumptuous photographs of delicious looking food.

    The muffins look sensational.

  7. Muffin made from squash? Very odd.

  8. jean, it is, indeed, that recipe. It worked great for the little cakes.

    mitch, game watching was required. ;)

    judy, hehehe!

    melinda, but the Saints came close. Amazing game they had.

    t.b., that sounds good!

    cubby, but you're already married!

    victor, food is what we do during the long, dark winter. :)

    starman, it's very similar to carrot cake.

    michael, :)


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