Saturday, January 14, 2012

There are still flowers in the vineyard

La carotte sauvage (wild carrot or Queen Anne's lace) is a late summer and fall bloomer. Here it is mid-January and the plants are still producing flowers. Normally, by this time of year, freezes have stopped all of that and the flower stalks are dry and brown.

A wild carrot in bloom, in January, in the vineyards behind our house.

This condition mightn't last, however, as we are expecting our first freezes of the season this weekend. The weather people are not predicting hard freezes; the mornings will be at or just below the freezing point. It may not be enough yet to stop the flowering or kill that bugs that are normally gone by now. We'll see.


  1. It's suddenly down to very cold and crisp here, too-- 17°F this morning. yowzer. It's nice to see something growing in "your" vineyards :)

  2. Talk about freezing, it's 18ºC here!

  3. Walt

    You wouldn't want to be in my shoes -snow removal ( no scrapping since both cars are in the garage overnight) and temp as low as -30 C with the wind chill factor . Heat pump stopped at the cut-off temp of -15C and the electric furnace keeps humming on.

    Well it is January in the great white north anyway .....

  4. I remember one of my great aunts used to dig these up for cooking - carrot like tubers.


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