Friday, January 27, 2012

Snowdrops among the molehills

The perce-neige (snowdrops) are up and, compared to last year, they seem to be several weeks early. The good news is that this particular bunch came back after being uprooted last winter by the moles. I had just planted them after swiping them from the woods on our neighbors' property (shhhh, don't tell) and the moles raised a hill right where I put them.

Snowdrops after an overnight rain shower.

They still sprouted and grew and over time I gently nudged them back underground. And here they are this year blooming! Interestingly, none of the other patches I planted seem to be up yet. I'm hoping they will come up before long. If not, I may make another scavenging run in the woods for more bulbs.

I could always buy some, but there's no fun in that.


  1. Do we have Moles in Australia???
    Not sure but we do have snow drops.

  2. L&S: no moles (if you don't count marsupial moles, which are very rare and desert creatures).

    Walt: all the snowdrops in lowland France are garden escapees, so you are not wreakng havoc on your natural environment by digging a few up.

  3. Walt, without a word of a lie, this picture of yours took my breath away. So pure, fresh and clean - I'm quite transfixed.
    'Perce-neige'? I don't think I've come across that before - and it's a name every bit as beautiful as its English counterpart.

    Thanks for starting my day on a goodie!

  4. I think it best to transplant 'in the green', a large number of the corm/bulbs bought by me just died and were no fun at all.

  5. So beautiful!

    It's a good thing no one reads your blog (except probably for your usual 1,000 visitors a day). Your neighbor will never know about the theft.

  6. And you thought the moles were just destructive.

  7. They deserved to have their beauty recorded for posterity! Lucky for them, you gave them their 15" of fame.

    Mary in Oregon

  8. Oh, it's flower stealing time. Spring must be right around the corner!

  9. leon, cool. They're neat little plants. But you won't be seeing any for a while.

    susan, there are a few places around us where large clumps grow that are also not in anyone's garden, so if I go scavenging, that's where I'll go.

    raybeard, you're too kind! Glad you enjoyed the photo.

    lesley, yes, I think you're right. Besides, it's the only way I know where to dig. ;)

    mitch, I don't think the neighbors read this blog because it's in English. At any rate, the flowers were down an embankment in their woods and not at all in a flower bed. Otherwise, I wouldn't have touched them. :)

    starman, well, I did have to nudge the bulbs back into the dirt because they were exposed; they would have dried out and died otherwise. I was lucky!

    mary, hehehe.

    alewis, but hardy!

    bill, lol!


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