Sunday, January 15, 2012

Periodic Puppy Pics

Callie loves her daily walks in the vineyard. This is her fifth winter of vineyard walks, so she knows the routine. She even knows most of the people who work pruning the vines this time of year, although she doesn't treat them all equally.

Callie stops to see which way I'm going to go, left or right (I went left).

For example, the guy who's working in this photo (you can see where he is by the column of smoke rising as he burns the clippings) is someone she knows and likes. His name is Bruno and he has three dogs that are often with him out in the vines. Callie will run up to Bruno and let him pet and hug her.

There are other people who work out there that she'll run up to to say hello, but for some reason she won't let them touch her. I'm not sure how she decides who to get close to and who to stay clear of. These particular people like dogs and don't do anything that I recognize as threatening. It might be that there are three of them, or it might be the orange battery packs they wear to power their pruning shears. Or maybe they smell funny. Who knows?


  1. No Walt... we wear an invisible 'neon' light that only cats and dogs can see... green for welcome, amber for non-comittal and red for 'bugler orf'... dogs work out who is acceptable... cats work out who will feed them and, in the case of my mother who was green for dogs and red for cats, who to annoy.

  2. My dog is afraid of anyone wearing a hat. We walk out in the woods everyday and she'll run up to say hi to just about any unhatted, unhooded person.

  3. Lulu is the same. I find it hard to work out why she makes a beeline for some people but shies away from others, even though they are trying their best to do all the right things to befriend her.

  4. Could not believe those last few
    minutes of the Saints/49ers

  5. I'm glad you get football there- the last minutes of the Saints/49ers were wild.

    I'm glad Callie likes me;) she's so huggable.

  6. Or perhaps she doesn't want Bruno, her best buddy, to get jealous.

  7. If I had a wish I would love to be inside the mind of a dog for just a few minutes just to find out what is going on there. I suspect we would be very surprised.

  8. tim, I knew there was something up.

    meredith, we used to think that about Callie, too, but it turned out not to be a very consistent explanation.

    jean, I do notice that sometimes, the harder somebody tries, the more stand-offish Callie will get.

    sheila, that was amazing!

    evelyn, even Ken watch the fourth quarter!

    chris, she like both Brunos out there (there are two).

    ron, that would be an interesting experience, to be sure!


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