Monday, January 16, 2012

It finally froze

Sunday morning when I got up from bed I did what I usually do: open the shades on the skylight windows in the loft. To my surprise, the windows were frosted over. Real frozen frost. A look at the thermometer showed the outside temperature to be about minus two celsius. Below freezing.

This wild carrot bud will not likely open up now that it's been frozen (it wasn't yet frozen when I took the picture).

Callie and I went out for our walk at sunrise and it was nice. Clear sky, no wind, and cold. The puddles were frozen over, the grass was frosty, and Callie stayed clean. I love it when I don't have to wash her off after a walk. That happens in winter, and only if everything is frozen, and in summer, only if everything is bone dry.

The morning freezes are expected to continue for a few days, so the summer plants, like the wild carrot above, will likely die back. And, we hope, the bug population will be reduced.


  1. Look at the mix of colors in this picture! They could be on a Paris chiffon gown on a runway. Beautiful!

  2. BRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!
    When you watch football over there, are you inundated with commercial after commercial after commercial, as we are here? Those insufferable commercials are the reason I don't watch football anymore.

  3. I'm getting way too old for Winter. It's a young man's game.

  4. ron, I missed my calling. LOL

    starman, the channel we get on our satellite system is called ESPN America. I watch the re-broadcasts of the games since they are on in the middle of the night when they're live. For the re-broadcast, they take the commercials out (since they're American commercials) thereby compressing the games. They have some announcements for upcoming sports events, but otherwise no commercials. They also remove the time-outs. There's very little dead time in the broadcasts. It makes the games go fast and they're much more enjoyable that way.

    mark, I'm with you there.

    michael, a-men!


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