Saturday, January 21, 2012

Periodic Puppy Pics

Again? So soon? Yup. This is one of Callie's favorite routes, a deer path through an empty field between two vineyard parcels. I often won't take her this way when there's tall grass in the summer (lots of ticks) or when there's wet grass in the winter (cold wet jeans are no fun). But sometimes it's ok and we head on through. I can tell when we go that way that she really likes it.

You can see how frosty the grass is.

This time we saw Bruno L.'s burning barrel. It was early enough that Bruno hadn't arrived yet and there was no fire. Callie had a good sniff around; Bruno's dogs hang out with him when he's pruning and burning and I'm sure Callie could smell them.


  1. That uber-sensitive doggie nose must lead both her and yourself to some unexpected little discoveries - with the odd side-tracking now and again.

    Btw Walt, my own Spo-shirt blog coming up either today or tomorrow, then it's onward (a little) to Brighton.

  2. That burning barrel is one of a kind- must be full of many years of smells. Are those bicycle wheels?

  3. Isn't it lovely having the connection you do with Callie? :)) What joy our pets can bring us :))

  4. I noticed the frosty ground immediately.

  5. Af first I saw the picture as an old carriage.
    Very colorful the reddish tint on the front of the wheeled barrel brings out the red in Callie's fur.
    Then there are the greens: the side of the barrel, gas can and the various greens in the shade of the barrel and the frozen grass.
    Nice composition.

    Mary in OR

  6. a portable burning barrel....just never saw one or thought of one. makes perfect sence though. Maybe water is kept in that green plastic jug....and not fuel....or fuel just to get the fire started.

    Our snow and ice melted this morning...been in the house for 4 days. We needed we went to Trader Joe's...the crowds were could hardly more your cart around. NEVER EVER deprive Americans from getting tons of food.....BAD BAD snow storm.

    Victoria, Bellingham, WA

  7. raybeard, right-o. I enjoyed your post!

    evelyn, I think they are bike wheels, without tubes or tires.

    judy, there are two sides to that coin! lol

    starman, hehehe.

    mary, interesting!

    victoria, it is indeed fuel to start the fire burning. Glad you're coming out of the snow and ice!


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