Sunday, January 22, 2012

While it's still January

I thought I'd share the second galette I made for the season. It's probably the last one because, as everybody knows, the beginning of February means crêpes! I did better rolling the dough out evenly this time, and instead of a spiral pattern, I made leaves (I saw someone do that on tv).

Une galette des rois made with pâte feuilletée (flaky pastry) filled with home-made almond paste.

We already got a jump on crêpe season by making some on Friday. Ken got a new crêpe pan (on sale at the supermarket) that's almost twice the diameter of our other one. So we get bigger but fewer crêpes from the recipe we use. That can be good because it doesn't take as long to make a batch.

I'm going to make buckwheat crêpes for our lunch on la chandeleur (February 2) this year. We'll probably fill them with ham and cheese. Yum.


  1. This is an intriguing pastry.
    I am going to attempt to make one gluten free.

  2. I like the leaf pattern - very stylish. We'll be in Paris for la chandeleur - better remember to have crepes.

  3. Walt,

    Oh how I love a good crepe! I wish I could find something like this around here but most of our restaurants are overpriced tourist traps and don't possess the eye for beauty as well as quality. It's just Feed the Masses here and charge as much as the traffic will bear. There are places in this country were there is good food but it isn't here in southern Delaware. It's all pig slop down here.

  4. If it tastes as good as it looks, you have created your own little bit of heaven!

  5. Walt

    Do you just bake the galette on parchment paper in the oven ?

    No pan !

  6. I've sent a couple of friends to view your beautiful galettes. I've got to try that recipe sometime.

  7. My, my, my.... toujours si belles, tes galettes :)))

    And, you were able to get the ingredients for making your own frangipane this time?

  8. La chandeleur, is that a special day?

  9. gf, cool. Let me know how it works out.

    susan, there are several good crêpe restaurants in Paris, along with all the street vendors, so you shouldn't have any trouble!

    ron, you could make your own! As for crêpes, do they sell them in the supermarket? They do in France, of course, but I don't know about where you are. But again, you could make your own!

    mitch, in my humble opinion, it did taste as good as it looks. ;)

    t.b., no, the paper was on une lèchefrite (do you use that word in Québec?).

    chris, I'll bet you can find puff pastry in the grocery if you're not interested in making it yourself.

    judy, yes! It's just almond flour, which is finely ground almonds (which the store was out of last time), eggs and sugar.

    starman, it's candlemass, another catholic holiday (although it's not a day-off holiday in France).

  10. Walt

    They call it "une plaque à biscuits" here.
    Well I have had to adapt in both languages : from British English to North American and from French to Québecois :-)
    By the time I went to the French Ecole for my master's , I was well tuned-in .


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