Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Le château d'Amboise

Here's a shot from about five years ago. This was before I had my first digital camera; I was using Ken's off and on at the time. This blog was only a few months old then and I don't think I ever posted this picture, although I'm sure I've posted others like it.

Looking at the castle from an island in the Loire.

It's the castle at Amboise on the Loire River, about 32 kilometers (20 miles or so) from where we live. We used to go up to Amboise a lot more frequently than we do now. That said, we did go at least once in 2011, and we even visited the castle.

I'm looking for old photos to post because our weather is not very conducive to photography right now. But that won't last. It never does.


  1. I know what you mean, Walt.
    But this dull weather has meant that I haven't been doing much photography either, so Pauline has now got her 'office' space finished in the biblio... it took me all yesterday to cover the desk tops with lino offcuts from our bathroom floor... it is covering a black ash surface she'd got fed up with.... two weeks after buying it in 1984!! It now also has new drawer handles, real oak edging and a white wax finish over most of it.

  2. I always think that Amboise is a great driveby photo op, but pretty low on the list for an actual visit.

  3. Amboise was a great experience for Sue and I - Clos de Louce (is that correct) was an extraordinary wander thru Leonardo's last years. Missed the Chateau - maybe in May this year.

  4. Lovely photo and you're so right about the weather... I think our river is about to overflow again.

  5. You two come up with the best photos of everything, Walt! This is a great one, too.

    How's the neck doing, by the way?

  6. I've seen your indoor shots. They're pretty great! Show us your favorite spots of your house while the weather is bad.
    Your Friend, m.

  7. Pictures of castles, can never get enough of them. Do you take portrait photos of people like Mark? Those are so interesting. Do you have French hillbillies? Mark took some hillbilly pictures once but his mom made him remove them from his blog.

  8. tim, good on you! I have not been as ambitious.

    susan, I enjoyed it last fall, but it was a bit crowded.

    leon, I think it's the Clos Lucé. I understand they've done an upgrade/rehab of the place.

    ladyjustine, I'm lucky to be on the heights and not have to worry about our river.

    judy, thanks! The neck is fine; good as new.

    mark, Ha! Good idea. Except I'd have to clean first.

    ron, I've taken photos of people who are not like Mark. LOL. I've never been very good, or daring enough, to take people pictures except from a distance. There are lots of country folk about, but I don't know from hillbillies. :)


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