Saturday, January 07, 2012

La galette des rois

I made the puff pastry on Thursday and it stayed in the refrigerator over night. You don't have to do that, but that's the way it worked out for me this time. When you're ready to make the cake, all you have to do is to roll out the dough so that you can cut two identical circles from it.

Roll out the dough to about an eighth of an inch thick, but large enough for two circles.

You need to be careful to keep the dough flat. Remember, it's pâte feuilletée (puff pastry). If you ball it up it won't puff up the way it should. So keep it flat. Once it's rolled out, cut two identical circles using a plate or other guide and a sharp knife. Fold up what's left and put it in plastic wrap for later; you can freeze it with no problem.

Cut out two identical circles. You can use a plate or a tarte pan bottom, like I did here.

Now it's time to fill the pastry. I used store-bought frangipane because the store was out of the ingredient I needed to make my own. That's why it's green (yuck). Normally I mix almond flour, sugar, and eggs to make the filling. That's much better. You can also fill the cake with applesauce or any fruit compote if you like. You also need to add the fève (the prize). This one is a little plate we got in a galette from a local bakery years ago. Yes, I save them.

Fill the bottom layer and don't forget the prize!

Use a little egg wash around the outside to be sure the top layer will stick, then put the top layer on. With a sharp knife, make a nice decoration on top and nick the edges as you see here. Once that's done and the oven is hot, use the remaining egg wash to cover the top of the cake. Be sure not to let the egg drip onto the edges of the cake because that could keep it from rising as it should.

Make some nice designs on top with a knife. This is an easy one, but they can be anything you like.

I baked this one in a hot oven for 30 minutes, turning the heat down to moderate about half-way through. The cake is a little lopsided because I didn't roll my dough completely flat. But who cares? It's still beautiful and it tasted great!

The finished cake! Let it cool then cut into it. Who will get the prize?


  1. I've been looking forward to seeing this since your last post. I must say it looks fabulous!

  2. That looks so much better than the one I bought from the Spar yesterday. My mum used to make puff pastry...mmm! After these two posts I think I might as well have a go...
    After I've made Simon's Macaroonies, though.

  3. Finished galette looks very yummy. Love the new banner!!

  4. Yours looks as good as the one we bought today at the boulangerie in Saint Aignan to take with us to tonight's apero dinatoire. And I bet it was cheaper ... a quick 22 Euros was plunked down!

  5. gorgeous pic of chambord...and the galette is excellent too......

  6. 1. I was thinking that the new banner photo was the reason for the trip to Chambord... but, no... we have more to the story !

    2. That fève looks kind of big, but it's very cute!

    3. I am afraid that I have probably lost my one and only little authentic fève, because I forgot to ask for it back from the student who found it in his little cupcake (Vive le roi!) in the last class of the day :((

    4. Your galette is marvelous!!!!!!!

    5. (Susan, I do hope you blog about your pastry.)


  7. What a work of art... from start to finish! And I'll bet it's delicious!

  8. It looks delicious. Did you serve it warm or cold?

  9. hmmm, wondering what's up with the visit to Chambord?

  10. Beautiful! The French bakery stand at the San Mateo Farmer's Market had galettes in two sizes today, but they didn't look as nice as yours.

  11. emma, thanks! It was tasty.

    tim, let us know how it goes.

    n&a, thanks!

    kristi, then my work here is done! ;)

    keir, I'll sell you one at that price!

    melinda, thank you!

    judy, tomorrow: the reveal. The fève is about an inch in diameter, but pretty flat. :)

    mitch, very tasty.

    jean, room temperature.

    evelyn, you'll find out on Monday!

    chris, have you tried them? Are they good?

  12. You know what you're doing don't you Walt? You're inspiring me! Now I'll have to try making this puff pastry. Isn't it important though about what kind of flour that you use? All flours are not created equal.

  13. ron, I hope you give it a try! I use all purpose flour, nothing special.


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