Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Party food

Our football evening with friends was much fun. The game was good, and it even went into overtime. The better team won. The food was good, too. We tried to make everything more or less "finger food."

Some of the party food. The black bits are black olives.

In addition to the savory muffins I showed you yesterday, we had egg salad on toast rounds and foie de morue (cod liver) on toast squares. The main course was strips of chicken breast prepared Buffalo wings style with celery and carrot strips and a blue-cheese dressing dip.

The original plan was to make deviled eggs, but the darned eggs didn't peel well. What a mess. So they got turned into egg salad. We opened a bottle of Montaudan champagne to start, then moved to a red Bourgueil (cabernet franc) and a white Saumur (chenin blanc).

The chicken was a little disappointing in that it was kind of dry; that's what you get with breast meat. The supermarket was actually out of wings, but we had already decided that wings (with bones) might be a bit too messy to handle. But they might have been better...

Our friends brought an apple pie with a walnut crumble topping which we served for dessert. Very rich and very tasty!


  1. I'm salivating, Walt - well, at least for the muffins, egg salad and the dessert. Mmmmmm! Could I have a generous glass of blanc with it, please?

  2. The colour of your dining room table gives a nice warm tint to the photo, very appropriate :-)

  3. All of your photos lately have the coloring to go with your font and banner photo colors. It certainly gives your blog a very cohesive look :)

    Great spread of food!

    Were your friends American?

  4. Such a serious look you have in
    your new photo. Taken just after
    you gave up on peeling the hard-
    boiled egs?

  5. I want to be invite to you football parties!
    BTW, I am a wine buyer for a living & Cabernet Franc is a favorite varietal... I love wines from the Loire Valley.

  6. Looks good to me, dry white mean chicken an all. Maybe it's your wonderful photography that makes the "snacks" look so inviting. Enjoy!

  7. All that food and only four of you??? It looks so good, I really regret not living closer!

  8. I'm not so sure New York was the better team. They really only won on a fluke play by the 49ers kick returner.

  9. Oh wow. It must be a horrible burden living in France with it's rich food traditions . . . :D

    As for the eggs. I believe the eggs you used were too fresh. The fresher the egg, the harder it is to peel. An "old wive's tale" for sure but one that I savour.

  10. raybeard, but of course!

    susan, yes, it came out nice!

    judy, yes, Americans.

    sheila, Ken did the eggs. ;) I'm not so patient.

    stephen, what are you doing for the Super Bowl?

    ron, they were tasty!

    ellen, we had serious leftovers.

    starman, oh well. :)

    michael, yeah. Grunt.

    mike, we try to make the best out of it. ;) We've recently read that about the eggs, too. Next time!

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