Monday, January 30, 2012

We'll cross that bridge

...when we come to it. And so we did. The dirt road to the river crosses over this bridge, which is little more than a culvert with a low stone wall on either side. The stream that it crosses is called La Rouère de l'Aulne (The Alder Stream); it runs down through the woods just to the south of our house to join the river.

The thickening fog made it difficult to see more than a hundred meters or so.

Near this point there are several paths that branch off through the woods. They're more than paths, really, but less than roads. It's obvious from the tire tracks that vehicles go through often. I suspect there are some hunters in their vans, some farmers on their tractors, and some kids in cars who frequent these woods. There were a few empty beer and wine bottles strewn about. But on this morning we were quite alone.

Except for the ducks.


  1. Your blog has given me beautiful insights on so many things. Keep up the good work.

  2. Beautiful scenery is often ruined by unsightly rubbish that is mindlessly discarded from vehicles. C'est la vie...

  3. I wonder how old that moss-covered little low stone wall is?

  4. I love walking your "neighborhood" with you via your blog. Thanks!

  5. I love your morning walks.

  6. Like Judith, I wonder about the stone wall. I imagine it's a property boundary. I just read Bill Bryson's "A Walk in the Woods" and he describes the occasional reminders that people once lived on what is now the Appalachian Trail. This abandoned wall reminds me of that.

  7. Are you sure there were no werewolves running about? If I were you, I'd keep a few extra silver bullets close at hand.
    You're welcome!

  8. I wonder when was the last time the little bridge was devoid of limbs, leaves and trash?

  9. Walt, that looks and sounds idyllic....except for the hunters....and the kids in cars!

  10. This wooded glade looks like something out of a fantasy movie. I half expect to see a midget in green jerkins pop out behind a tree.

  11. sumit, thank you.

    john-san, it really wasn't that bad. The bottles are green and kind of blend in. But still.

    judy, I'm guessing not that old.

    mitch, one day you might even visit and do it for real!

    cubby, you wanna do tomorrow's? ;)

    ellen, I think it's just a bridge rail in this case.

    mark, didn't see any, but then you wouldn't, would you?

    starman, limbs are probably cleared regularly because people drive through here. As for leaves, they just decompose. Trash? Who knows?

    sue, the hunters can be scary so we try our best to avoid them.

    ron, uh, that would be me. LOL


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