Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pounti mini-muffins

I'm giving my mini-muffin molds a run for their money. And since they didn't cost very much to begin with, I think I'm ahead of the game. Speaking of games, I made these little muffins for our American football night on Monday. The original recipe is for a savory cake from the Auvergne region called un pounti.

La mise-en-place. All the ingredients assembled for making the cake batter.

The cake is made with chopped prunes (I used raisins), smoked ham, raw cured ham, cantal cheese, and blettes (Swiss chard). These ingredients go into a batter made with flour, baking powder, eggs, milk, oil, and some onion. I had to adapt the recipe for the mini-muffin format, so I chopped all the ingredients very finely.

The muffin batter in the molds. I love the purple color of the molds!

I was lucky to have some Swiss chard in the garden. Since our winter has been so mild, last year's chard has continued to grow and there were enough fresh leaves in our January garden for this recipe. It's nice to be using fresh garden produce this time of year.

Sixty little savory cakes. Perfect bite-sized morsels for watching football. And just in case you counted, there are only 59 visible because one is outside the photo on the bottom right.

I spooned the mixture into the muffin mold and baked it about half the time called for in the recipe for a whole loaf. The muffins cook much quicker than a loaf does. They came out beautifully. The recipe takes a bit of prep work, but if you want bite-sized cakes for a party, it's worth the effort. My recipe made sixty mini-muffins!


  1. I didn't count, but they look delicious.

  2. These look like great appetizers, or full meals. The pounties for main dish and the mini-cupcakes for dessert.
    How many of you were there watching the game?

  3. Oh, what a fun choice for finger food for the big games this weekend (euuh lundi, je veux dire :)).

    Maybe I should make these for Super Bowl dimanche!

  4. 1...2....3...4.....5.....6....

    They look YUMMY! And fancy.

  5. You have shared some truly wonderful dishes, Walt the Fourth, but these look and sound absolutely delicious. And that's my kind of my meal -- all-in-one, no utensils required.

  6. so you get 15 'goodies" per mold in lieu of a dozen . That's neat

  7. Wow, fresh chard even! I like the name poundi.

  8. I watched the end of the Giants-49ers game. It should be an interesting Super Bowl.

  9. andrew, and they were. :)

    ellen, there were four of us. Plus two dogs. We have leftovers.

    judy, it's worth a try if you've got the patience to chop everything very small. ;)

    alewis, very yummy, somewhat fancy.

    mitch, very little cleanup!

    t.b., yeah, I like that, too.

    evelyn, I was very pleasantly surprised, but the weather has been perfect for that kind of thing this year.

    starman, I'll be watching!


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