Friday, January 13, 2012


The full moon occurred on Monday, but with our foggy days and nights we don't get to see much of it. After dark the sky is luminescent, the fog kind of glows in the sky. That's how I know the moon is really there. On Wednesday morning the fog was gone and there was the moon, a couple of days past full, sinking down in the western sky over the vineyards.

The sun had actually just made it up when I took this picture toward the end of my walk.

I was outside before the sun came up, so my pictures from this walk came out a bit fuzzy. I didn't take the tripod with me. I still got a few interesting shots, but was disappointed with most of them. Lugging the tripod around on a dog walk is not all that much fun, but the photos come out better.


  1. That's an amazing shot. I think as long as one comes out, that's enough! The sun rise yesterday here was immense - the fog was thick and the sun was a huge orange ball on the horizon. Very eerie!

  2. Have you tried using a monopod? Less bulky to lug around, less set up fiddling. You don't even have to fix the camera to the top, just use it as a steady rest by planting the tip on the ground and holding the upper part in your left hand next to the camera. Some wildlife photographers use this method. It's useful because you can just sway back and forth on the pole to get focus (handy for moving or very small creatures).

  3. Very cool about the almost 250,000 mark!

  4. A quarter of a million hits - now if by waving a magic wand on this Friday the 13th they can be changed into Euros ( or better US $) - just kidding :-)


  5. You should get a tripod that also serves as a walking stick.

  6. ladyjustine, we saw a little sun yesterday afternoon, but not much. Grey again this morning.

    susan, actually, yes! I have one that CHM gave to me and I've used it from time to time. I should use it more often... much easier than a tripod.

    judy, :)

    t.b., thanks! If I had a euro for every...

    starman, I have a monopod that does that, but then you have to attach the camera...

  7. The moon has been so beautiful this winter. Even in Portland we've had many, many clear nights to enjoy it.


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