Saturday, January 28, 2012

Down by the river

Callie and I took our morning walk down by the river on Friday. We normally don't go that way because it involves walking down our road and then crossing the main road between Mareuil-sur-Cher and Saint-Aignan. The cars and trucks roll quite fast along that stretch and I worry about Callie. But on Friday we gave it shot. She did very well and we made it without incident.

One tree or three? On the left bank of the foggy Cher River.

Once we crossed the big road, we headed down a dirt path to the water. The sun was just coming up and fog was forming over the river. The woods were silent and a bit eerie, but very pretty. The ground was muddier than we're used to as the river had risen over its banks a couple of weeks ago.

It has since receded into its bed. Callie discovered a few ducks hanging out on the riverbank and got all excited when they took off across the water. For a moment I was afraid she'd dive in after them, but she's not a water dog and I didn't have to worry.


  1. Yes, I agree. Looks like you had to have wrapped up well before venturing out.

  2. Very nice photograph. Can you walk any distance right along the river?

  3. You make even raw, damp, winter-bare walks look beautiful.

  4. This picture has a mysterious quality to it. Nice.

  5. Another very nice photogragh Walt. White white to black black and every tone in between. Again suitable for framing. Would you mind if I printed one out and hung it in my home?

  6. n&a, thanks!

    raybeard, I did. Long johns, many layers.

    carolyn, it depends where you are, but in most cases, yes.

    mitch, we do our best.

    judy, ;)

    starman, the fog made the scene kind of unreal.

    archguy, not at all. The photo's been compressed for the web so let me know if it doesn't print well.


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