Sunday, January 29, 2012

We're going in there?

Callie may look like she's a bit nervous about heading into the woods and toward the river, but in reality she's very excited. She likes to explore, especially when there are new places to sniff around in. There are often deer grazing in this field and I just knew she could smell them.

The fog got thicker as we headed into the woods toward the river.

We actually did see a deer on our way back out and Callie had a good romp chasing after it. She never goes very far and always comes back happy. After all, chasing animals is what she was bred to do. But in her case the wildlife has the advantage. Border collies like to chase in short circles; the long run is not at all interesting to them.


  1. Sue remembers all these deer signs all over France. In our travels we have only seen one deer.
    A bit like the Kanga signs here.

  2. Agree with Mitch- I double clicked the photo and felt the fog. Callie's coat is beautiful.

  3. I always love Callie pictures and Callie posts :)

    My dad had a little auograph book from 4th grade (you know, at the end of the year, apparently, you'd go around with your little book and have your friends sign in it), and he had a friend named E. Gordon Lowell. We always laughed, because E. Gordon wrote something like this:

    "A man's best friend is his dog, when he's in a very thick fog."

  4. Yes, the above comments say it all - and there are few things more likely to lift one's mood than seeing a happy dog.

  5. Was it as cold as it looks?

  6. Evelyn, I agree with you about Callie's fur! Callie's coat looks like I need to run my fingers along her back and rub her ears! What a coat of fur she has! And such good posture! She always stays still for her photo, too.

    Mary in Oregon

  7. The woods look both scary and inviting.

  8. leon, we see deer quite frequently. They like to nibble the fresh shoots in the vineyard, much to the growers' dismay.

    mitch, I like to think it's because I live in a magical place.

    evelyn, it looks better from a distance. She needs a good brushing!

    judy, indeed!

    raybeard, and she's very happy out in the fields looking for deer and rabbits.

    starman, it was about 2ºC. Pretty cold, but not too bad.

    mary, she doesn't always stay still, but I don't show those photos!

    michael, I agree.


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