Saturday, April 28, 2012

Back to wine tasting

With our friends Jean and Nick we visited one of the Baudry-Dutour tasting rooms outside of Chinon after lunch that day about two weeks ago. Their wines were quite tasty and Jean bought a bunch, but since we had already filled up before lunch, we resisted the temptation.

Some of the wines we tried at Baudry Dutour.

Chinon is known mostly for its red wines made from cabernet franc grapes. They're hearty and full-bodied and very different from the lighter gamays that we're used to in our part of the Touraine region.


  1. So many vignerons, so many wines.... so little time! We've a wine fair here in le G-P tomorrow.

    1. Pauline - how I wish we could be there !!

  2. Walt, we had a lovely time with you two. It's a shame Nick was feeling poorly - he wouldn't normally say "buy whatever you like"........every cloud has a silver lining !!

  3. I went to my one and only wine tasting in Spain (I wrote about in my blog). I always thought you were just supposed to swirl the wine around your mouth and then spit it out, but the guy who was explaining the wines never spit anything. We tasted over a dozen wines and I noticed with my uneducated palate, that the later wines were (or seemed to be) much better than the earlier wines. Do you find that to usually be the case?

  4. The wine, or the cheese, I wonder what makes living in France better?


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