Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A very local pizza

Local, but not from a pizzeria. A different kind of local. I made the crust, of course. The tomato sauce is from our home-grown tomatoes from last summer. The mushrooms were grown in a cave not far from here by a lady who sells them at the Saturday market. The sausage is from Montlouis on the Loire, made with herbs and the local chenin blanc wine. And the goat cheese is from Selles-sur-Cher, just up the road.

My home-made goat cheese, sausage, and mushroom pizza.

It's hard to get more local than that. And it made a delicious Tuesday lunch.


  1. Thank God I just ate breakfast. I would be drooling over this photo.
    Sadly, my breakfast was Fiber One cereal. I'm so old.

  2. Now THAT is truly local! And delicious, I am sure :)) It looks great. Ooooh!

  3. Great, now I have teeth marks in my laptop screen...

  4. A great lunch for a cold, wet, windy day!

  5. Absolutely scrumptious looking! I can taste it across the waves.

  6. leon, there's a cure for that.

    mark, hey, I'm older.

    judy, it really was good. Just kinda happened.

    cubby, I'm sure it's not the first time. ;)

    bettyann, for sure!

    ron, hehehehe!

  7. Pizza. Any day. Of the week.

  8. h.peter, I'm with you.

    starman, careful of the keyboard!


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