Monday, April 30, 2012

Raindrops in the pond

When it's raining lightly like it has been over the past several days, Callie doesn't mind it at all. After all, her breed originates from southern Scotland, and I expect it's quite wet up there. So we're used to walking in the rain, around (and through) the puddles, and through the tall, wet grass around the vineyards.

The pond outside our back gate. If you look closely, you can see the little raindrops.

When it's really wet, I tend to stick to the dirt (mud) road and let Callie romp around through the grass and the low spots. She's been getting more confident about running around the edges of the vineyard on her own, meeting up with me on the other side. She usually knows where I am and I can see her moving through the vines. After the vines leaf out fully I won't be able to see her any more, but she will still know I'm there.


  1. My husband did indeed start the lawnmower yesterday, when there was a morning that was dry and sunny. We dislike using 'power tools' on a Sunday, but the opportunity could not be missed.
    Good job, as today back to April-normal of heavy rain. Our dog is up to his ankles in standing water around the vines and could always do with a warm shower on our return home.

  2. Walt, did you know that, in the UK, the Border Collie is not recognized as a breed by the Kennel Club!! Instead, there is a recognized method of recording breed lines [something very similar to racing horse parentage records] that has been used by owners and breeders of BCs since the early 1900s... one of the most famous pre-war 'trialing' dogs was one called Whiston Cap... if that name appears in the breed line.... add another zero to the price!!

  3. Unlike Callie, I don't think I'm bred for endless rainy days. Good for her!

  4. This is so beautiful. I agree with Mark, though; I am no water dog!

  5. The pond actually looks pretty good. Is it just because it's early in the year and that invasive plant hasn't spread yet? Or has it been eradicated?

  6. Pictures are nice, but the real thing would do me in.

  7. lesley, I'm hoping the rain is done now. Some sun would be nice!

    pollygarter, I didn't know that! I think the BC is recognized in France, though, no?

    mark, well, frankly, neither am I.

    mitch, when the ground is squishy, I'm not happy.

    ginny, yes, that plant just hasn't grown out yet. But it will. It's nearly impossible to eradicate. :(

    starman, too wet, eh?


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