Monday, April 02, 2012

Burger buns

I finally made hamburger buns the other day using that recipe that Ken found on the internet. If you remember, I first made hot dog buns, then a loaf of sandwich bread. Both of those were terrific and so were the burger buns.

Freshly baked hamburger buns, about 13 cm across (about 5 inches).

I painted an egg wash on the tops of the buns so that the sesame seeds would stick. That's why they look two-toned. We grilled turkey burgers last week to eat with two of the buns. Yesterday we made turkey sloppy joes and ate the remaining two. International cuisine, n'est-ce pas?


  1. The buns look great but what's a sloppy joe? It doesn't sound too appetising !!

    1. jean, sorry, the first link didn't work. I'll try again: Sloppy Joe

  2. Here's a good recipe from a good food and recipe site, Simply Recipes by Elise. We ate the Sloppy Joes as open-faced sandwiches, using and knife and fork. The meat was turkey instead of beef, and the resulting mixture was excellent. Walt and both ate Sloppy Joe sandwiches when we were growing up, and I think all Americans of our generation know them. You can even buy the meat mixture in a tin, all ready to heat up. Can't vouch for how good it is.

  3. Buns look terrific! And the Sloppy Joe's? That's how I make Bolognaise sauce ... usually eaten with spaghetti :) But the buns seem like a good and delicious idea too! Martine

  4. I was going to have oatmeal for breakfast but turkey sloppy-joes sounds so much better!

  5. Ken, I think that the canned Sloppy Joe mix is actually just the sauce and seasonings. You still have to add your own meat :)

    Great-looking burger buns, Walt!


  6. Have you got your sweet peas sown yet? It's not too late...

  7. Sloppy Joes makes me think of Key West. Our family used to vacation there every two years or so at Christmas. It's still there (, but I remember that in the 70s it was such a tourist attraction that we never went any more.
    What's the link to the recipe for the buns?
    We are now kitchenless. New kitchen to be installed next week. This week is a microwave week. But mostly, we seem to be eating dust. Can't wait for this work to be done!

  8. Hi Ken, have been reading your blog for quite some time, and silently experiencing enjoying living in rural France through your writing. But now I really must make myself known and ask for the dough recipe to make those beautiful hamburger buns. Perhaps you posted the recipe and I can't find it. If you haven't posted it - would you please do so or provide a link to the recipe? Many thanks. Jan


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