Sunday, April 22, 2012

Funky Feline Fotos

Here's Bert sitting in the window boxes outside the kitchen window on Saturday. I was in the kitchen making a pie and Bert wanted to come in. Normally he sits on the deck outside the doors looking in, but now he's figured out how to jump over the railing to the window boxes.

Hey! What's going on in there?

I didn't let him in. This time.


  1. With 11 sleeps before flying out went shopping for the cats - 40 cans of cat food and three humugous bags of kitty litter. I wonder if they will talk to us when we get home from from France.
    I can see Bertie is starting to take ownership.

  2. In a cat's mind, window box = kitty litter pan.

  3. one of my cats goes to my neighbors & hops into her window box to look for her kitty.....most of the yr its not a problem, but after she has planted the window box, its not as nice.....nearly impossible to discourage a cat from doing something tho

  4. He sits in the window box!? Bertie! Don't smash those little plants! :)

  5. You didn't let him in? Oh shame! How can ANYONE resist those pitiful pussy pleas?

  6. I had the same reaction as Judith! But Bertie sure is cute. Can't wait to again have a couple of cats of our own.

  7. I agree with Raybeard. Why didn't you let him in?

  8. Walt,
    One can never publish enough pictures of our feline friends. I love them! Great picture!


  9. leon, how many cats do you have? We don't buy kitty litter anymore. Bertie doesn't use it. He has the great outdoors.

    carolyn, he hasn't done that yet. I hope it stays that way.

    melinda, he doesn't do it much, and there's nothing planted in there right now. But in about a month there will be.

    judy, I hope he hears you! :)

    raybeard, I can't let him in because of the dog. She will not tolerate the cat in her space.

    mitch, when do they arrive?

    bettyann, Callie doesn't like him in the house. When we do let him in, we have to physically separate them.

    ron, thanks!


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