Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Reflections of...

Ok, that's a stretch. Remember the Supremes' song? Through the windshield of my mind... LOL.

Our red maple trees reflected in the windshield and roof of the car. They're flowering now.

I got some grass cut on Monday. I tried to sharpen the mower blade with my new bench grinder. I'm not sure how well I did, but I put it all back together and ran the mower over a portion of our yard. It is always satisfying to do a little bit of maintenance. Everything looks better when it looks like someone is taking care of it.


  1. Yup we've been cutting the grass too--well chunks of it. We've left others to avoid cutting down all the cowslips that are flowering. So for now it's a patchwork .

  2. Ah, early spring. When the idea of working in the garden makes you happy! (I don't think the song reference was such a stretch... I liked it.)

  3. n&a, I understand that. I'm holding back on the last section of grass because it's covered in primroses.

    mitch, we also have a balcony (only one) where we keep plants (and a table and chairs and a bbq grill). In another month we'll get some geraniums for out there; the ones we had froze in February.


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