Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just another pretty morning

We've moved into a period of falling temperatures and low pressure and that's allowing weather systems to move successively across the country. We need rain, but we're not getting much. Just clouds and a few showers. So, I thought a reminder of the good weather we had a week or so ago was in order.

Sunrise over the vineyard on Easter morning.

The summery week we had in March really spoiled me. I want that weather back. But it's not normal for this time of year. We could still have a freeze before we get into May.


  1. Your home is so well situated with such great "borrowed landscape" and the use of all the trails around the vineyard to walk in!

  2. Love the color combination in this photo. We used our electric blankets last night, but we didn't get a freeze. Flowers are a month ahead, but don't tell the Japanese beetles.

  3. Do you ever 'borrow' a few grapes now and then?

  4. kristi, it's very nice. Even in the vineyard there are many options.

    evelyn, I guess chilly mornings are normal for this time of year. At least there's no snow!

    starman, we do taste them off the vine from time to time, but they're not eating grapes. Ken did use some freshly trimmed bunches to make jelly once (with the grower's permission).


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