Monday, April 23, 2012

Strawberries and rhubarb

I found some wonderful gariguettes at the market on Saturday. A bit pricey, but they were totally worth it. I harvested some rhubarb stems from my patch out back and set to making a strawberry-rhubarb pie. First, I made the standard pâte brisée crust.

 Fresh local gariguette strawberries from the market.

The next step was to trim, chop, and macerate the rhubarb. I had a good mix of very thin stems and some thick ones. All of them got cut down to the right size before being sprinkled with sugar and left to sit for a couple of hours.

 Chopped rhubarb from the garden, macerating with sugar.

I mixed up an egg and some flour with the rhubarb, then baked it in the crust until it was cooked. Once it cooled a little, I sliced the strawberries and arranged them on top. Then I painted them with a glaze of strawberry jam and some of the sweet juice from the marinated rhubarb.

The finished pie with a rustic crust.

The pie was not overly sweet. I could have added more sugar to the rhubarb, but it really didn't need it. Too sweet is too sweet. This was just right.


  1. So that's uncooked strawberries on top of tender, delicious cooked rhubarb......heaven. And it avoids soggy cooked strawberries....wonderful.

  2. Itlooks sooooooo yummy. I was thinking of you when I got the email with this link to rhubarb pie and hadn't even yet read your post! I saw in your picture that you have a ton of rhubarb growing, so it might still come in handy:

  3. Oh my, my, my :)
    You know you'll have us yearning for a taste with this post. It looks gorgeous, too!

  4. Fred would totally marry you if you made this pie for him.

  5. Walt, Walt. "Too sweet is too sweet"? There's no such thing.

  6. That is beautiful! Strawberry Rhubarb, my all time favorite. Do you ship?

  7. In my latest nutrition course "Nutrition and Cancer" she summed up fruits and vegetables with redness as 'Red rules!" - very healthy for us, all those lycopenes. Yum

  8. jean, right!

    ellen, thanks for the link!

    judy, maybe one day there will be smell/taste blogs!

    mark, but, but that would mean... stepchildren!

    carolyn, I'm afraid there is for me. :)

    bill, unfortunately, we cannot ship to addresses outside of Europe at this time. We appreciate your inquiry and hope to keep you as a valued customer.

    michael, gotta love those old lycopenes!


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