Monday, April 09, 2012

New pipes

It looks like this building recently got a new roof and new downspouts. The building is attached to the church in Saint-Aignan. I ducked into this passage that winds around the church and took a few lazy shots on Saturday morning.

Textures, shapes, and lines.

I call them lazy shots because I really just pointed and shot en vitesse with no regard to much of anything. Still, they seem to have worked out. The round stained glass window is on the side of the church and is nearly hidden from view by the roof of the building that's attached. The whole town is on a slope, so the building (with the roof) actually fronts on the town's main street while the church rises high above it.


  1. Isn't it amazing how these big churches were tucked into tiny spaces and then all the free space was filled with more shops? Even when you look at the parvis de Notre Dame, you can see the old street outlines and how close they were to the cathedral. There was no such thing back then as getting a good view of the building.

  2. What a beautiful "lazy shot." I, also, have been fascinated (and surprised) by the fact that so many of these old churches were not set in spaces that allowed impressive approaches.

  3. ellen, it is amazing! And it works.

    mitch, the entry to the church is around the other side, up the hill. It faces what was once a rather grand staircase that leads up to the château, but that stair has seen better days.


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