Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The state of the yard

We're slowly getting cleaned up from winter. Pruning, digging, cutting, and burning. The St. John's Wort that grows along the road on either side of the driveway froze during our February cold spell, so that all had to be cut back to the ground. It's already begun to sprout fresh from the roots.

A section of the back garden. You can see the mistletoe (those orange clumps on the ground) and the burn pile (covered with sheet metal to stay dry) to the left.

The mistletoe I cut out of the big apple tree is still in a pile in one of the garden plots. As soon as we have a still day we'll get out there and burn it, along with another two large piles of yard waste. In the snapshot above you can see three of our four apple trees. There's the stump of the fifth apple tree in the foreground and the main trunk of that tree lying in the walkway on the right. I cut it down last year as it was not a very healthy tree. I've also now got two thirds of the lawn (such as it is) cut for the first time this season.

It's very nice to be working in the yard again and watching the spring take hold.


  1. Rained tonight. I think I will be planting tomatoes this week. Spring will be here soon! In the meantime, Ken's post made me think of leeks vinaigrette with turkey burgers. :)

  2. Very pretty. And you're right, it is nice watching the world come alive again. I'm feeling much better now. Because as you know, it's really all about me.

  3. Poor Callie (and poor you for having to wash her three times). Yuck. Oh.

    The yard looks good. It's so nice to have so much more sunshine at the end of the day!

  4. Your grass is really green! Much greened than our zoysia which is just starting to green up. I guess Callie was feeling feisty and wanted to smell like what she thought was a good aroma.

  5. cheryl, you've been getting a lot of rain lately, it seems.

    mark, yes, I knew that. ;)

    judy, she does this a time or two every year. I do enjoy the longer days!

    evelyn, our grass stays green all winter; it's in the summer when it can get brown if there's not much rain. Kind of like California.


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