Sunday, April 29, 2012

A backyard iris

It's hard to take pictures right now. The days are mainly overcast and often rainy. We're hoping for a respite on Tuesday and Wednesday. At least that's what the weather forecast is right now. I do need to get out and cut the grass before it gets too tall.

Raindrops on an iris.

April has been chilly, but normally so. The growth spurt we got in March, when it was unseasonably warm, slowed way down with the cool April days. But with all the rain we've had, it will only take a couple of warm days for the growth to pick back up again. I can't wait.


  1. Walt,

    Ah YES! Just yesterday I was in search of one of these lovely ladies. You beat me to the punch. Beautiful!


  2. One of my favorite flowers, thank you!

    I'm feeling for you two having to take Callie out for her two daily walks in this weather. Is Bert spending more time in the house because of all the rain?

  3. Iris are often called "flags" here in Alabama. I think they look like flour de lis.

  4. I love the progress of flowers through the year. First the snowdrops, which I'm not too fond of because they mean winter isn't over yet. Then the daffodils, such a joyful promise of spring. Then the tulips, probably my favourite flower, holding their heads high and shouting that spring is here. Then the irises, so colourful and blowsy, reminding us that winter is definitely well behind us....... why has it been only 4°C with howling gales and horizontal rain all day here ??!!
    Never mind, it will soon be time for the roses !!

  5. There was supposed to be an air show at the beach today, but the sky is so overcast, you'll never see the planes.

  6. It looks so pretty with the raindrops on it - at least the blooms last longer when the weather is cool.

  7. Evelyn, interesting to read your commment. I grew up in Texas and have gone to nurseries in AZ and CA looking for "flag iris." They look at me like I'm crazy and say there's no such thing. Apparently, they are called Bearded Iris here. But I know for sure they were called flag in Texas.

  8. ron, it's certainly the season!

    bettyann, we don't mind so much. When it's light rain, it's ok. Bert sleeps in most mornings having been out hunting during the night. Sometimes in the garage, sometimes in the house (will Callie blocked out).

    evelyn, I've never heard that before. Interesting!

    jean, there's always something to look forward to!

    starman, did they still have it? I mean, the flying part?

    pollygarter, always a silver lining!

    diogenes, "flag" is new to me. We always called them "bearded."


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