Friday, April 13, 2012

Compare and contrast

As spring progresses, I'm enjoying watching all the new leaves pop out and grow. Where the browns and greys of winter were, there are now shades of light green among the white and pink of early fruit blossoms. This particular blackberry bramble rose grows along the road I walk daily with Callie.

A sunny Easter morning in April.

And here is the same bramble rose stem back in late January when we had some snow. The snow is pretty, but I'm liking the weather a lot better now.

A wintry January morning with snow. Brrrrr.


  1. Your bramble is a rose. I wonder if your light in the sky might have been the international space station?

    1. Oh, so it is! I'll fix that... And no, I don't think it was the ISS. I've seen that before; it moves rather quickly; this object was stationary. And, according to the web site I look at for sky objects, the ISS passed over us about 10 minutes prior to my sighting (which makes me sorry I missed it).

  2. Spring is so far ahead this year that blossoms are already off of the trees and green leaves have taken over on all fruit trees and pretty bushes. We went down to the upper 30s the last two nights, but we're back to lows of 50s. And, in St. Louis, it's the home opener for our World Series Champion Cardinals!

  3. The snowy photo is especially beautiful, but I'm glad for your sake it's history!

  4. Your photos are so vivid and almost surreal. Love them.

  5. Happy opening day, Judy! We lived in Cincinnati for seven years in the 70s and remember the excitement of the beginning of a new season.

    Hope you figure out what's up in the sky tonight, Walt.

  6. susan, thanks for the "heads up!"

    judy, opening day!

    mitch, me too!

    bill, thanks!

    evelyn, no such luck! Too many clouds.


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