Saturday, September 22, 2012

A new banner for fall

Today is the autumnal equinox marking the first day of fall. On Wednesday, I drove over to the Château de Montpoupon to take some new photos for the banner. The day was beautiful, but the woods don't look as fall-like as I wanted them to. Still, that's what it looks like around here now. So there's the new banner up above. I've put the previous banner below so you can compare and contrast:

The previous banner, photo taken on 22 June 2011.

If I get another chance in a few weeks, I'll try it again. And then I might try for a winter shot later on. I think the castle would look cool (haha) in snow. But first we have to have some snow, and then I have to manage to drive in it.


  1. The mellow look of the new banner is great... a warm look for the start of Autumn.

  2. I like the angle of the new shot with
    the field in the foreground.

    Be sure and post a photo of the wood
    stack when those other 50 logs are done.
    Always a good feeling to have the summer
    veggies in the freezer and wood for the
    stove all cut and stacked.

  3. Très belle bannière. Je préfère le cadrage de celle-ci. Mais ce sera encore plus joli dans quelques semaines lorsque les feuilles auront leurs couleurs d'automne.

  4. It is a beautiful photo. I particularly love the clouds, a very rare sight in LA.

  5. It's a lovely photo. I love the golden quality of the light and that the trees are just beginning to turn. It captures so much of the beauty of the area at a time of year I really love. I can hardly wait to get there for our forthcoming annual "woodsmoke and sunshine" holiday.

  6. I think you've captured the diffences in the two months perfectly - the blue brightness of June and the golden glow of September.

  7. tim, a mellow photo for a mellow season!

    gaynor, thanks!

    sheila, I will certainly do a post about the wood pile. Never a dull moment around here! ;)

    olivier, merci, moi aussi je préfère ce cadrage. Je vais essayer de refaire la photo dans quelques semaines en espérant qu'il n'y aura pas de gros vents pour dénuder les arbres avant !

    nadege, thanks. And likewise, we don't get much smog here! ;)

    jean, that's my new favorite expression: "woodsmoke and sunshine holiday." I'd never heard that before, and it captures this time of year perfectly!

    susan, thanks!

    michael, thank you, kind sir. If you could ever find the time, you might give us some photographic taste of Phoenix in the "phall" on your blog. :)

  8. there is no 'fall' here - despite the fall decorations it still hits 100 degrees!


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