Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Aux Délices

Another shot along the main drag in Montrichard. This is a bakery/chocolate shop and one that we've stopped into many a time in the past nine years. Next door is a pharmacy. All pharmacies in France have some variation of the green cross sign above their doors to identify them as officially licensed pharmacies.

Very nicely maintained storefronts. That's our car in the corner and reflected in the window.

Most of the time the signs are adorned with neon tubes which blink and flash in various sequences worthy of the Las Vegas strip. This one is no exception.


  1. I love the Las Vegas strip.....

  2. Isn't it sorta funny that after consuming too much at the bakery/chocolate shop, you can walk over next door to the pharmacy and get your medication to make you feel better.....Good business sense.

  3. I love the beautiful wood storefronts and the elegantly patterned cobblestone street. Spain has very similar pharmacy signs. The neon is a bit surprising at night, but it works.

  4. This photo shows the essence of a french village. It makes me miss France very much, I can't believe it's been two years since we were there last!

  5. I am very curious to know the French mentality towards pharmaceuticals and use of prescriptions - compared to the American approach ( simultaneous antipathy towards pharmaceutical companies yet quite 'pill oriented'.

  6. h.peter, it has a certain charm...

    virginiac, just two essential stops on the typical French shopping excursion!

    judy, and the window displays are so inviting!

    mitch, they certainly make it easy to find a pharmacy!

    annemarie, I almost did!

    lynn, when are you coming back?

    michael, I believe the French are even more into pill popping than Americans. French supermarkets do not sell over-the-counter medications, however. There are also no American style drugstores (like Walgreens or CVS). Everything is done in a pharmacy.

  7. I wouldn't mind stopping into Aux Delices once in a while myself.

  8. Hi Walt....hopefully summer 2013!!


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