Thursday, September 13, 2012

The view at sunrise

I haven't taken the camera out in a few days, so you're getting some photos from a week or so ago. I hope you don't mind. This is what we call the Second Line of Trees, out in the vineyard. The sun had just come up and its rays are horizontal.

The sun is low in the eastern sky and lights up the underside of these trees.

The season is changing and we're alternating between summer-like days and fall-like days. Soon, the fall-like days will take over. I've got to get it together to start cutting wood for the winter fires. It's lumberjack time!


  1. Trying to remember the name of the mythical lumberjack, but can't.

  2. Sunrise and sunsets, the best times for great photos.

  3. The golden time of day. My favorite time...

  4. gaynor, thanks!

    starman, Paul Bunyon?

    ron, they can be tricky, though!

    bill, yup!


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