Tuesday, September 25, 2012

La rue nationale

Still in Montrichard, here's another view of the town's main street, this time looking the other way from city hall.  At the end of the street and to the right is a nice square surrounded by restaurants and their outdoor seating areas under the trees. You can see the office de tourisme (tourist office) at the end of the street.

Looking east, up river, on Montrichard's main street.

The real estate office that helped us buy our house back in 2002 is in this picture. Since the realtor is in this town, it made sense for us to open up our bank account here. That's why I have to go to Montrichard to do certain banking business instead of to the much closer branch in Saint-Aignan.


  1. We really like Montrichard too. It's attractive, has great restaurants and good shops.

  2. I always enjoy your photos of Montrichard. :)

  3. Sorry about your wisteria. I hope it's not beyond repair. Tried three times to leave a note on one of the other posts but finally gave up. Surely you don't REALLY need this verification crap!?!?!?!


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