Monday, September 17, 2012

The hang cone

I don't know why, but my mind wants to call it a "hang cone." I noticed this on Thursday, a pine cone, tied to a string, suspended from one of the support wires at the end of a row of grape vines. And it's not on the road side, either, but back by some woods where pretty much nobody goes.

Barely visible behind the grape leaves.

I wonder if it was put there by a grower, to scare birds or other animals? But, if so, why just the one? As far as I can tell, there are no others. It's probably just a bit of whimsy. I'm glad I saw it.


  1. Well..... growers in the UK (old type growers, not modern farmers) used to have all kinds of traditions about looking after the Little People. (Because it's the Fae who look after the plants.) Perhaps this is some sort of gift for the spirit of the vines. I know nothing about folklore in France, so I could just be creating a tradition where none exists.

  2. If one puts peanut butter in the pine cone, it will certainly attract birds. That would be cool. But maybe that's not what the desired effect is.

  3. Maybe it's a gift to the chick who left the pink panties that other time ;)

  4. May be to indicate that the vines are from the Pinot family ?

  5. Perhaps someone has been watching you, Walt! They were just eager to give you something to photograph!

    Funny thing, though. As I was getting ready to open your blog, I was anxious to see what you had uncovered to photograph today!!! That chartreuse color of the leaves is one of my faves!

  6. I recognize the genus. I'm pretty sure that tree is a pseudopine.

  7. ye gods folks! people don't know French?
    Pinot is a French word for pine. The clusters of grapes of the pinot vine resemble at one point a pine cone, which is why pinot grapes were named such.

  8. morningaj, sounds as good a theory as any!

    cheryl, I have better uses for peanut butter.

    judy, hmmmmmm...

    t.b., I don't think there's any pinot out there...

    mary, I would have preferred a bottle... full.

    mitch, I typed three responses and erased them all. I got nothing!

    michael, yes, but why tie a cone onto a wire?


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